Sue's programs are energetic, entertaining and very interactive. She encourages her audience to sing along, jump, dance, twirl, stamp feet, clap hands, and have fun! She sings folk songs, children's songs, songs about being a cookie, a jack-in-the box, popcorn, being loved and being special.

Instruments used may include guitar - acoustic and electric, harmonica, kazoo, ukulele, and assorted percussion instruments including kitchen items. 

Shows can be presented to children: Age 1-5; Grades…

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All assemblies: instruments may include guitar, kazoo, percussion, harmonica 

Explore geography and culture in a musical journey around the world. Includes songs from and about several continents. Program also explores themes of multi-nationalism and interdependence. This is a fun interactive program that includes singing, hand motions, dancing, and audience volunteers.
CMS: Literacy 4, Geography 2 and 4, Music 5
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is…

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